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The Santa Fe Ring

"The Santa Fe Ring"
Item R27r, R27g, R27s

Award-Winning Precious Metals Artist

Gregory P.Segura.

The "Santa Fe Ring", like the Irish Claddagh ring, was designed for the love of my life and named after the town I love. Although, I am not an Irish Fisherman, sold into slavery and taught a skill by a goldsmith master. The original Claddagh was also made from scrap metal for a true love.The heart is a symbol of love. The flames around the heart symbolize an everlasting burning loyalty and devotion. Finally the palms holding it together represent friendship and togetherness.

The "Santa Fe Ring" is available in all sterling silver R27s and also a sterling silver with a heart ruby and 18k solid gold top flames R27r and sterling silver with 18k solid gold heart and flame R27g.  Each ring is made when you order it so please state your size when ordering. Please allow up to three weeks.

Santa Fe Ring R27r Sterling, 18k & Ruby $398


Santa Fe Ring R27g Sterling, 18k Flame and heart $428


Santa Fe Ring R27s Sterling $248


Southwestern Silver Jewelry Gregory Segura Santa Fe Style Spanish Market Ortegas on the Plaza R27g Gold SF Ring.jpg

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